Types of News


News is an important part of society. It keeps people informed about current events and issues, both locally and internationally. Often, it helps readers understand complex topics by breaking them down into smaller sections. This is done through a variety of methods such as interviews, analysis, and reports. Regardless of the method, writing a good news article requires careful consideration of its audience and purpose.

There are many types of News. However, most news articles have a similar structure. They begin with a headline and byline, followed by the news story itself. A headline is a short summary of the news, and is designed to catch reader attention. If possible, a headline should be written according to Associated Press style guidelines. The byline is the name of the person who wrote the news article, and should be written in a recognizable style.

The rest of the news article is typically organized in an inverted pyramid. The most important information is presented first, with the least important information listed last. This allows readers to quickly get a general idea of the topic, and then decide whether or not to read further. A good news article will also include a source list, which includes the names and titles of anyone interviewed or cited in the piece. Including the source list will help readers identify the original source and understand the article’s accuracy.

Some examples of News include:


This is a common source of news and can affect daily life. For example, extreme temperatures or a lack of rainfall could impact crops and food availability.


When politicians make public statements, they are usually considered newsworthy. This is because they can influence government policy. Additionally, political news often focuses on scandals and other events that affect the public.


News about businesses, companies and the economy are of interest to most people. This information can inform consumers and investors, as well as keep them updated on industry trends.


Keeping up with developments in the world of music, theatre and cinema can be interesting to many people. This type of news can help people decide what to see and when to go.