The Importance of Time and Audience


There are many factors involved in the creation of a news story. One of these factors is time. The news has a very short lifespan and so, the story needs to be timely to be effective. This article will look at the importance of time and how this factor affects the story. It also looks at the audience and the impact a story can have on them.

Content analysis of news values

Discursive news values analysis (DNVA) focuses on the discursive dimension of news values and crosses disciplinary boundaries. This article uses a computer-based text-analysis tool to examine the content and meaning of reporting about Australia Day, an official national day in Australia and a highly contentious date which commemorates the beginning of colonisation. The results have implications for journalism research and journalism practice.

The concept of news values provides an important conceptual framework for analyzing news stories, particularly for journalists and other media professionals. News values can be a complex construct, influencing editorial decisions, news coverage, and journalistic routines. In addition, news values are influenced by advertisers, public relations practitioners, and journalists’ own personal beliefs and worldviews.

Although news values are the primary factor influencing news selection, they explain only a fraction of journalistic decisions. In fact, news outputs may explain as much about the treatment of news as the content itself. In the 1970s, scholars such as Staab and Chomsky argued that news values are functional in nature and favour the interests of powerful elites. These researchers echoed the views of Hall (1973).

Influence of audience

The influence of audience on news content can be seen in various ways, ranging from the distribution of news outlets to the political bias of news media. Some of the differences can be explained by the geographic dimension of news coverage. Newspapers with national scope are expected to have the highest socioeconomic and political biases, and also receive the most investment from advertisers. On the other hand, newspapers with local scope are expected to behave according to the Gravity Model.

However, there are some limitations to the influence of audience on news. Unlike hard news, the impact of audience metrics is modest, especially in news that is negative. Nevertheless, it is possible to measure the influence of audience on news by measuring how journalists choose to tell their stories.

Impact of story on reader

The impact of a story can be felt in many ways. There are many types of stories, but they all share some key elements, such as a narrative and sequence. A story helps people to remember information more vividly and respond emotionally to details. It’s a great way to develop children’s reading skills. A story can make a lasting impact on their reading skills. Here are some tips to enhance the impact of your story:

Storytelling can also help children improve their oral language skills. Researchers found that children who listened to stories improved their ability to comprehend stories and increase the complexity of language. In one study, children who heard stories were significantly more likely to develop a greater range of language skills than those who did not listen to stories.