Automobiles – Benefits and Disadvantages


Automobiles have transformed the lives of Americans and many others around the world. They provide speed and mobility and allow people to travel far from their homes. However, automobiles also have brought environmental and economic problems. The automobile has shaped cities and suburbs into sprawling patterns of low-density development, which degrades the landscape and increases traffic congestion, a major source of pollution. In addition, automobiles are a major cause of global warming.

Modern automobiles are complex machines with countless parts. Many of these are designed to work together. The automobile’s engine, for example, has several systems that work to keep it cool and lubricated. The cooling and lubrication systems are analogous to the human body’s circulatory system. The engine also has an analogous system to deliver fuel to the pistons. The chassis and body, which are analogous to the skeletal system of the human body, support these systems and protect the passengers from the elements.

The first benefit of having a car is the freedom and independence it provides. Before the invention of the automobile, people were constrained to the limited distances within which they could travel by foot or public transportation. Having a car means you can get to where you want when you want, without having to wait on buses or trains. The ability to drive a car also expands your life radius, allowing you to visit friends and family who live farther away from your home.

When the car was introduced in America in the late 1800s, it allowed middle-class families to leave their urban neighborhoods and explore the countryside. By the 1920s, automobile production had become a mass business. American manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler had a dominant market share. The invention of the assembly line meant that a single model of automobile with standard features could be made quickly and at a lower cost than previously possible.

Whether you are looking for a compact and economical car like the Toyota Corolla or a sporty SUV such as the Subaru Outback, there is a vehicle to fit your needs. There are also luxury cars that offer a combination of style, comfort and high-end technology. Some even include navigation systems. The best way to find the right vehicle is to test drive it and decide what is important to you.